There are so many ways that you can get involved to help loaves and fishes from meeting it’s funding objectives. Just to meet our annual plan we need to raise R2,8 million ($ 310 000). Whilst this may seem a formidable target every bit helps. It’s amazing how quickly every cent adds up.

These are some of the ways our volunteers help.

Get inventive and raise money your way!

If jumping out of a plane is not for you, how about coming up with your own event with a group of friends or people in your local community? Every penny counts – so even raising a small amount will help towards our work and it goes a long way in South Africa!

Deciding what to do

Almost anything can be turned into a fund raising event so have a think about what you enjoy doing and how you can raise money from it. Invite people you think would enjoy it and make it as much fun as possible!

Rope in as many people as possible!

Asking friends, family, people in your local community and colleagues to help is a great way of sharing the workload but also making sure your event has a big impact!

Possible ideas and themes:

  • Host a themed event and ask your friends to make a donation
  • Organise a ‘Pamper Evening’ in conjunction with a local beauty salon, where’ taster’ beauty sessions are provided.  Ask friends and local businesses to donate prizes and hold a raffle at the same time.
  • Start a ‘Food Chain’ – invite friends for food – perhaps a barbeque, 3 course dinner or afternoon tea.  Each guest makes a donation and pledges to keep the chain going by hosting another foodie get together.
  • Get dressed up with a ‘Black Tie Party’ or Dinner Party with tickets sold to family and friends.

If you have an idea then please contact us to discuss it. We would love to have your input.

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