The Chairperson’s Annual Reports

Despite the volume of work required to do so, we always enjoy putting these reports together. Seeing all that we have achieved in the 12 month period prior to our annual AGM’s is extremely gratifying after a tough year of hard work. When we are in the middle of things, we often don’t realise just how much we are achieving. Well done to our loyal and dedicated staff members, our wonderful and committed board and thank you to all who have supported us and who continue to believe in us.

We invite you to look through our annual reports, which also gives an excellent summary of the practical work that we do. 

LAFN Annual Report – 2014 

LAFN Annual Report – 2015

LAFN Annual Report – 2016

LAFN Annual Report – 2017

LAFN Annual Report – 2018

Many thanks

Brendan Connellan, Chairperson


Recently, LAFN engaged in a series of iincoko (conversations) with its community network. We’re excited of the valuable information shared by participating communities and couldn’t wait to share a report on these sessions. The valuable information shared helps us to continue reflecting on the relevance of our actions to the needs of all those we serve and work with.

Loaves and Fishes Network Newsletter

The Loaves and Fishes Network Newsletter

Unfortunately the publication of our newsletter has been stopped as a result of lack of capacity and the need to focus on our core responsibilities. Should you wish to volunteer and assist us to compile and publish regular newsletters, please contact us!

Having fun

Having fun

Please read our July 2014 newsletter, which contains interesting information about Early Childhood Development, our annual LAFN Prize Giving, gardening workshops and other news related to our organisation. Please click on the link below:

LAFN Newsletter – July 2014